Spain Madrid PRIMARK flagship shopping mall transparent LED display

Product model: XRL    Screen size::250㎡    Project Location::Spain    Project Time: 2015.8

As a world-famous brand, PRIMARK always lead the world fashion trend. This moment, a new-open PRIMARK flagship store choose NEXNOVO high tech transparent LED display, which greatly enhances the brand image and popularity.

"People look for it thousands of times, and the secret is in transparent screen"

Large size(250㎡), transparent LED displays are mounted along the circular corridor, and worked as a huge ad wall matching the indoor style at the same time.

High transparency(80%) and clean structure balance the natural lighting and viewing performance.

High brightness(5500-6000nits) ensures the viewing effect even under the strong sunlight.

Slight(12kg/㎡) and slim(aluminum) design make the installation finished within 5 days.

Proper pixel pitch(10mm) makes sure the displays enjoy not only the long-term viewing distance, but also feature of energy saving(50% lower than others).


"People look for it thousands of times, but the highlights is in transparent screen"

Look at the first few pictures.

Note on the mall Huanlang circle transparent LED display.

Sci-fi feel of wood there?

Ethereal quality wood there?

Oh! This is not computer-generated renderings.

Let the editor tell you what this artifact is.

This is crystal clear LED display from NEXNOVO technology !

Model: XW10,250㎡ installation time: the end of August 2015.

To emphasis that you see on a brand presence in the mall!

World famous clothing brand: PRIMARK!

This is the flagship store in Madrid, Spain.

Not just a single mall brand, the designer makes the most advanced transparent LED display perfectly match the indoor environment. It seems like a science fiction with the coolest live music, and definitely attract attentions.

The flagship store has opened, attracting a large number of customers.

Here welcome all friends visit the site!

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