NEXNOVO Innovation - Elevator glass LED media

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NEXNOVO Innovation - Elevator glass LED media

Based on the worldwide demand of new media advertising spaces, this amazing shopping mall elevator has included NEXNOVO transparent LED screens. Read more; 

Different from traditional LED displays, NEXNOVO screens can transform glass structures into advertising media wonders. 


    - Keep the see trough and openness of the glass structure covering the elevator shaft. 

    - High-definition playback performances. 

    - 131 square meters of NEXNOVO transparent media.

    - A unique and strong visual impact for the media content and design. 

This elevator no longer only plays a role of moving people in the shopping mall. It attracts their regards! It has become the central visual attraction of this mall! Perfect for passing target marketing content.

NEXNOVO transparent LED has given this "regular elevator" a new "dynamic" life.


  1.    - NEXNOVO also created a base structure in order to give this screen stability and the feel of belonging to the complete overall design of the mall.

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