NEXNOVO transparent LED display ignites a new business model experience.

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NEXNOVO transparent LED display helps the rejuvenation of Shanghai’s Huaihai Road, ignites a new business model experience.

This beautiful architecture named TX Youth Energy Center is located at Huaihai, Middle Road in Shanghai. NEXNOVO was given the great opportunity to transform this building’s façade into a digital and intergraded piece of art. High transparency and high resolution LED displays were required in order to light up and give a unique visual sensation. The center projected its first lights at the end of 2019, adding to the already modern Huaihai’s Middle Road, a real feel of vivid colors and true cutting edge technology.

Trendy landmark · TX Youth Energy Center building in Huaihai.

In the eyes of the old Shanghainese, Huaihai Road is recognized as the most beautiful, modern and sentimental street in Shanghai.

Compared with the prosperity and popularity of Huaihai East and West Roads, the middle section, where the former department Stores Huaihai and Jinjiang International Shopping Center, were located had relatively low traffic. It was one of the shortcomings of Huaihai Road having a complete world-class commercial street. Driven by market competition, it was imperative to upgrade and transform the business district in the middle section of Huaihai Road. In order to create a global new product launching site and a "curated retail" model, the original Jinjiang International Shopping Center and the first department store Huaihai store were combined into one, becoming a new immersive commercial space, named "TX Huaihai | Young Power Center".
A new generation of lifestyle that combines art, fashion, creativity, sports, life and culture and integrates the four core concepts of "DIGITAL , OASIS sustainability, URBAN city and crossover", focusing on strengthening and Interactive connection of young people. TX Huaihai breaks through the boundaries of art, culture, experience and consumption and integrates each brand store through the curatorial thinking into the entire process of consumer experience. People can interact with different forms of innovative art works in any space and any store and participate in the entire exhibition experience.
These transformations integrate multimedia and natural ecology with the trend. In order to shape the multimedia attributes and allow the building itself to collide with new and old artistic creativity, TX Huaihai project designers and the owner decided to carve a giant screen on the hollow facade facing Huaihai Road of 40 meters high. The NEXNOVO transparent display perfectly answered the needs and was selected.

It is worth mentioning that the Huaihai Road business district, where this project is located, is also one of four such districts in Shanghai. NEXNOVO's stylish designs and remarkable transparency screens met the brands expectations, which was in line with the TX Huaihai's fashion trend positioning and the high-end tonality of various brands.

High transparency and superb designs, enhances business value

This project was dressed with the NEXNOVO XRW series, stretching to 40 meters high and covering an area of 303 square meters in total. The XRW series are high-definition and high-brightness, with an amazing transparency rate of 75-90%. They can be adapted to various situations and applications such as glass curtain walls, commercial buildings, large-scale supermarkets and malls, gymnasiums and also glass elevators.

When the screen is not lit, the strips are almost invisible at only three meters away, perfectly integrated with the glass curtain wall. When lit, the brightness reaches 7000 nits, making the content ultra-visible even in the sunniest days.

Different brands, different ideas and colors are fully interpreted on the screen, attracting attention and pushing messages, bringing sustainable business benefits to the owners.

Quality First

The structure of the TX-Huaihai glass wall had embedded frames. The steel structures of the curtain wall were composed of triangular diamond-shaped grids, and the workable space was only about 10cm wider than the actual cabinets.

The installation time took 35 days, with a height of more than 40 meters and with very limited maneuvering space, which only one technician at the time could operate. The safety of our technical staff was a priority, at the same time we had to make sure the cabinets were moved and manipulated carefully to prevent any damages. The degree of difficulty in installing the cabinets and cable management of this project was evident and crucial, all precautions were well thought and planed. Scaffolding and lifting platforms used in most installations could not maneuver here, in fear of damaging the building’s structures.

Facing the old building that bears the memory of a complete generation of Shanghainese, how to protect her long-term “complex skeleton’’ while giving it new cultural forms and uses?
This undoubtedly brought unprecedented challenges to the NEXNOVO design and install teams.

Scaffolds could not be used here, the technicians had only one way, escalading the inner structure, and then sliding the cabinets in, what a feat!

In order to ensure the progress without affecting the integrity of the wall, our engineers and technical teams repeatedly reviewed, surveyed, studied and continuously optimized the steps. In order to make the glass curtain wall more transparent and integrate with the existing structure, eight (8) different sizes of cabinets were specially designed. After more than 30 days intensive and precise installation, we were finally able put the final NEXNOVO seal. The service concept of "Quality first". Once again, NEXNOVO is recognized for its great reputation in the transparent LED market.

This current commercial space is no longer focused only on sales, but more on aesthetic and the customer’s digital experiences. Extend development values from the new diversification of space, scene, and displays, giving the consumers sentimental and emotional reactions. Lighting and transformation of traditional building curtain walls have become an important trend in the development of new cities, and also an important means of renewal and rejuvenation of older cities. The NEXNOVO transparent LED screens, wins with the advantages of ultra-transparency, high brightness, thin and light weight, not to forget, the sense of new technology.
When the night comes, the neons are dazzling, walking on the prosperous streets of Huaihai Road, suddenly the tide was surging in front of you, the craze, the sea breeze and the surrounding scenery matched each other, like dreams ... You will be awed at the blend of technology and natural landscapes. Witnessing the brilliance and creativity of NEXNOVO’s transparent LED screen, dotted with the pride of Shanghai. Continuing the legend of its fashion and elegance for many years to come!


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