How to improve the Ad value for an International tourism city? NEXNOVO offers you the answer

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Powering up your new media facades, see as NEXNOVO transparent LED screens
lights up in a whole new dynamic way Haitang Bay’s Hexin Island project in Sanya City, Hainan 

With the development of social economy, high-rise buildings gradually occupy the main part of urban buildings, and glass curtain wall buildings account for a considerable proportion of them. Faced with the almost complete depletion of urban outdoor advertising resources and spaces, building glass curtain walls are becoming the new blue oceans for urban outdoor media advertising.

At present, most of the common outdoor glass curtain wall facades are installed with traditional LED display screens. Although they can basically meet some of the needs of advertising, traditional display screens are obstructing essential natural sunlight from entering the buildings, not forgetting the views and the architectural unappealing look. These situations are reducing the commercial value of the buildings and facades. 

While NEXNOVO transparent LED displays have a 75% -95% transparency performance, which not only makes up for the natural light obstructions and bulky installations, but also has great scene adaptability, it can be easily applied to glass curtain walls of commercial buildings, malls, elevator shafts and much more. No wonder NEXNOVO’s transparent screens are called the ‘’golden partner’’ of the glass curtain walls. Giving back the original intended aesthetic and architectural creation of the designers, is the main goal.

(Sanya Internation Duty Free City II)

The Hexin Island project is located in Haitang Bay’s Duty Free shopping Center phase II in Sanya, within the Hainan province. It is the combination of the world's largest single duty-free shop and world-class leisure and business street, like a romantic encounter between Tokyo’s Ginza and France’s Cannes. NEXNOVO was fortunate to be entrusted by the owners to design and install a new media solution for this beautiful structure. The three facades of the building are all glass curtain wall structures positioned in a triangular fashion. The owner’s vision was to install NEXNOVO transparent LED screens on the three sides surrounding the building, to emphasize the feeling of high technology and cutting edge to this architectural piece of art. Not obstructing the appearance, concept and design of the structure, also playing commercial content during the day time were all requirements achieved by using NEXNOVO’s technologies.

Architectural model illustration (the blue shaded drawings are the screen installation areas)

According to the owner's visions and requirements, the technology had to adapt to the total surface of the glass walls of an irregular building. After analyzing the project carefully, NEXNOVO’s engineers selected the XRW Series. Having the characteristics of great flexibility in terms of customization and an ultra-high transparency ratio, would make them the perfect choice. Facing direct sunlight was also a major concern for this glass structure, but, with screen brightness reaching upwards of 6,000 Nits, the content is clearly visible! 

In terms of structural design and engineering, the cabinet were thought and produced in two special sizes, one of 750mm × 500mm and the other of 500mm × 500mm, but the innovations did not stopped here. Our team had to find a very unique installation method, which was created to insure that the 182.4M2 facades were perfectly covered with NEXNOVO’s dynamic and jaw dropping technology.

Ultra-high transparency and perfect fit

Fastener were used to pass through the building beams to attach with the NEXNOVO special designed aluminum profile frames, rubber pads were then used to level the unevenness of the beams, and then finally fixing the cabinet on the connection plates.

 Due to the internal space limitations of the building, the cabinets could only be installed by hoisting them up, which also increased the installation’s difficulty to a certain extent. The total installation took five days, and was successfully completed. 

NEXNOVO's transparent LED display is perfectly matched with the artistic landmark’s architecture. The ultra-transparent and high-brightness visual images are set against the most modern Shuiyue fountain show, truly a lovely sight to experience. 

As the true inventor of transparent LED displays, NEXNOVO has been focusing on its R&D and production for the past ten years, providing the market various new media solutions for architectural glass walls. No matter the series, NEXNOVO products have been specially developed and designed for customer / consumer experiences. Among the newest series, the NE glass LED screens have a transparency of more than 90%. Again, NEXNOVO is getting ready to set the bar to new heights with its ultra-transparency products, which can actually replace building glass installation and lead the future development trends of transparent screens. Join us in making simple windows a new sight on tomorrow’s technology. 


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