Hong Kong Causeway Bay Land Rover 4S store transparent LED display

Product model: NP    Screen size::4608mmX2560mm    Project Location::Hong Kong    Project Time: 2013.4

NEXNOVO transparent LED display is installed at BRITISH MOTORS famous car show room in the first floor of Xinghe Square, a full sense of high tech. BRITISH MOTORS, whose headquarter is in UK, has thousands of famous brand chain stores over the world. LANDROVER and JAGUAR are the brands which BRITHSH MOTORS act as an agent most. Hong Kong BRITHSH MOTORS locates in Xinghe Square store of Causeway Bay, a place where world’s auto brand stores heavily concentrated. Facing the busiest street in Hong Kong-Gloucester Road, back against Hennessy Road, close to Times Square, the store witnesses hundreds of thousands people passing every day.

Since the limitation of glass size:
1.The LED display must be high resolution.
2.The LED display must have best transparency.
3.Remain change indoor design
For customer’s requirements, NEXNOVO propose Series XW8 which fully satisfy these requirements:
Display size:4608x2560mm,Pixel Pitch:8mm, Brightness:7500nits, Transparency:75%
Best resolution(16666dots/㎡), maximizes transparent effect. Seeing from outdoor or indoor, people would have clear view.
High end deserves high tech.

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